Branding your browser

    Before you ship your browser, you will want to include your own branding, rather than just using Mozilla's template branding. Gluon will automatically generate branding once you configure it correctly.

    Creating a brand

    You will first need to add a brands key within your gluon.json. For example:

      "brands": {
        "stable": {
          "backgroundColor": "#2B2A33",
          "brandShorterName": "Pulse",
          "brandShortName": "Pulse Browser",
          "brandFullName": "Pulse Browser"

    More information regarding the available keys for this config object can be found in the reference section.

    You will then need to create the folder config/branding/<brand_name>. In here, you will need to add a high-resolution logo.png (which will then be downscaled on import) and a MacOSInstaller.svg file, which will be used as the background for the macOS dmg file.

    When you add or change a brand, you will need to reimport your changes and specify the brand to target using gluon set brand.

    Specifying which brand to target

    You can specify the brand that you want to build for using the gluon set brand <brand_name> command. For example:

    gluon set brand stable

    Note that once you have set a new brand, you will need to rebuild your browser for changes to take effect:

    gluon build